Arquitectura integrada per al tractament avançat de texts

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With this project in language engineering, we propose to contribute to the development of stable tools for the processing of textual information. Organised along two main blocs of tasks (development of resources and basic and applied research), its main goals are: 1. Explore the limits of grammar checking over the output of shallow processing, with special attention to mixt systems, combining statistical information and linguistic knowledge, and extend the coverage of the grammars and the grammar checking system developed within the project PrADo. 2. Study the relevant computational and linguistic aspects, including the incorporation of statistical techniques or of another kind into deep processing systems, with the aim of defining a number of principles for the integration of deep and shallow processing into a single and unified architecture. 3. Develop deep grammars in order to tackle those linguistic phenomena that should be treated by an advanced grammar checking system.
Effective start/end date13/12/0413/12/07


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