Arqueologia de la ciutat romana de Iesso (Guissona, Lleida) i el seu territori.

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The research strategy developed in the last years: the study of initial Romanization process in the Mediterranean Tarraconense compelled us to be interested, amongst other aspects, in the archaeology of the Roman town of Iesso (present Guissona, Lleida), where we have been running a serie of archaeological excavations. The extraordinarius historic and archaeological interess of this site, which is one of the few Roman cities in Catalonia where the present city does not overlay, is evident. Therefore it allows to us to undertake an extensive excavation, together with the project of an archaeological park currently under way and a monographic Museum of the site, that i supported by the local administration and funded by the European Union and the Autonomous Community. The social use of our work recommeds that we should focus our effort on deeping the archaeological analysis of this settlem
Effective start/end date1/11/961/11/99


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