Aprendizaje colaborativo apoyado en las TIC para la inclusión de grupos minoritarios en riesgo social: Diseño de actividad, análisis de procesos y desarrollo de herramientas.

  • Lalueza Sazatornil, Jose Luis (Principal Investigator)
  • Bria Ramírez, Marc Roger (Researcher on contract)
  • Essomba Gelabert, Miquel Angel (Researcher on contract)
  • Luque Cubero, María José (Researcher on contract)
  • Crespo García, Maria Isabel (Investigator)
  • Sanchez Busques, Sonia (Investigator)
  • Pizzinato, Adolfo (Scholar)
  • Camps Soler, Silvia (Investigator)
  • Cazorla Luengo, Amaya (Investigator)

Project Details


The Psychological research and the educative practice have shown that inclusion difficulties for minority groups members in school must be faced thru the study and the intervention on the different context levels where the learning take place, and not as individual problems. We propose in this project the design, development and analysis of learning environments characterized by the mediation of the information and communication technologies, and oriented towards the educative inclusion of minority groups members. This is an action-research project backgrounded by the work line started by Michael Cole and the Laboratory of Compared Human Cognition, called "Fifth Dimension". This line is composed by the development of activity environments mediated by ICT use and the analysis of the educative interactions generated in its core. This project it's developed on a net, through the collaboration between three American universities and four European. The common goal is the research of the educative change process, related to the mediation artefacts within the activity context. Concrete goal in our research is the study of the inclusive function of those contexts in minority groups with a high index of school failure (Hispanic population in San Diego, afro American in Denver and gypsy and immigrant in Barcelona). This report references to the local project of the Spanish group that, within the action-research model, proposes the study of six communities that follow the model "Fifth Dimension" in the Barcelona area, at six public schools, all of them with population from ethnical minority groups under a risk of social exclusion. Virtual tools are going to be used to allow the network collaboration, as well as digital mediums to work diverse scholar curriculum elements and guidelines for development in schools. Following the historic-cultural paradigm we will adopt as analysis unit the activity (...)
Effective start/end date1/10/0730/09/10


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