Aplicación de la identificación electrónica mediante transpondedores pasivos al registro y trazabilidad de ovinos y caprinos.

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The regulation of the European Union EC 21/2004 on sheep ang goat identification and registration (ID&R), is key aspect for the future evolution of this livestock subsector. This rwegulation settles down that the ID&R system to be used in countries of great sheep and goat populations shall be electronic and relates it to the traceability of their products and the payment subsides. In Spain, given to the previous experience in electronic identification (e-ID) and the great size of the national flock (27 million), the RD 947/2005 make mandatory the use of e-ID by means of ruminal boluses in all sheep and goat intended for relplacement after 2006. Nevertheless, the implementation of e-ID shows unresolved problems that must be solved with the approval of a guide of procedures by the General Directorate of SANCO of the UE and by the elaboration of a report of a each member state before 2008. In this sense, the presented project raises 4 groups of experiments to carry out aiming: 1) The evaluation of the reading distance of the main e-Id devices present in the Spanish market, in agreement with the recent standart UNE 68402 on electronic animal identification, and the development of a standardized and repeatable method for the evaluation of the efficiency of dynamic reading in laboratory conditions. 2) To overcome some of the limitations that the use of the current ruminal bolusses showed in goats (retention and size) and to establish a reliable equation to predict its retention on-field conditions. 3) the evaluation of the implementation of e-ID on practical conditions, as tool to automate the dayly handling (sorting, registrationand mating planning) and performance recording (notebook of births, automating weighing and milk recording) tasks in the sheep and goat farms. 4) The improvement of the individual traceability of the lambs and the carcasses by means of an automatic system of transference of animal identity to the carcass based on the use of (...)
Effective start/end date1/12/0730/11/09


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