Aplicació del tractament d'ultrahomogenització en llets de vaca i cabra per a l'obtenció de formatges frescos i madurats

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This project tries to study the effect of ultrahomogenization treatment (UH; physic emerging technology, which processes in continuous) as alternative to pasteurisation in the cheese milk treatment, to obtain cow and goat milk cheeses of good hygienic quality, safer, more nutritive, and with improved yields and sensory characteristics. In a first step, the effect of UH on the contaminant microbiota of raw cow and goat milks will be evaluated, with the aim to obtain milk with a microbiological quality minimum as a pasteurised milk, and to studying the spore inactivation. In addition the possibility to obtain a milk with quality similar to sterilized milks, but with the ability to be clotted will be studied, what would even justify the development of this technology for the production of a consumption milk. However, the main attractiveness of this technology resides in the fact of being able to process in two operating modalities (1) without thermal effect conserving the nutritional and sensorial quality parameters of the original product and (2) with effect thermal of ultrahigh times (~0,5 s) reaching temperatures of up to 150ºC.Thus, different pressure, temperature and cycles conditions will be assayed to determining their effects on the microbiological parameters established by the legislation for these kind of milks.A part from the microbial inactivation, this treatment improves the functional properties of milk components, that it would be translated in technological improvements (important in cheese production) of the UH-treated milks. Among them, it expects an improvement of the milk clotting properties, better cheese yields due to the lowest losses of fat and protein in cheese wheys, improvements of the capacity of water retention (very important in fresh cheeses during their conservation), a better and more homogeneous cheese structure, and better nutritional and sensory characteristics and of cheeses (...)
Effective start/end date13/12/0412/06/08


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