Aplicació de tècniques immunohistoquímiques en el diagnòstic de la síndrome de cap inflat (SHS) en gallines

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    The economic impact of the Swollen Head Syndrome in Spain is really important due to its high incidence, the elevated medication costs that it represents as well as the great loss in productivity, especially in breeding animals. With our project, we would like to fullfil the following objectives: a) to set up an immunohistochemical technique (Streptavidin-Biotin-Peroxidase) applied to the diagnosis of the disease; b) to demonstrate the etiology of the Swollen Head Syndrome (SHS) in chicken by reproducing experimentally the disease process; c) to know the pathogenesis of the process in broilers, commercial hens and breeding hens; d) to know the pathogenesis of the process in "natural infection" cases. The knowledge of the different aspects of the pathogenesis of this disease would set up the basis for the elaboration of high efectivity vaccines against it as well as the basis for the corr
    Effective start/end date2/06/942/06/97


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