Aplicació de sistemes basats en el coneixement a la gestió de processos biològics de tractament d'aigues residuals. Eliminació simultánia de carboni, nitrògen i fòsfor

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    This project is focused on simultaneous carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous biological elimination of urban and industrial watewater. In order to solve this problem three fields will be explored: 1. Improvement of the process monitoring, 2.Biological process performance and 3. The management of the acquired information. The research team will be subdivided in three, two of them working in the biological treatement processes and the third will be involved in the use of the knowledge available and in the Intelligent data acquisition. In this project an actual pilot plant will be modified and a second one will be designed and built to compare the efficiency of the different nutrient removal processes. A phosphate analyser will be designed and built in order to improve the processes control. Moreover, identification of most important groups of micro-organsims involved in the nutrient elimination process will be carried out. Artificial intelligence techniques will be used and adapted to qualitative and quantitative process information. Finallym, a supervisor software will be built to be applied in the piilot plant management and used in the processes knowledge acquisition
    Effective start/end date1/08/971/08/00

    Collaborative partners

    • Universitat de Girona
    • Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)


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