Aplicació de models geoquímics a l'estudi de la dinàmica hidrogeològica en àrees de baixa permeabilitat

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This project deals with the study of groundwater recharge from a mountain range towards its adjacents alluvial aquifers. In particular, we shall study the hydrogeological dynamics of the Gavarres mountains, located at the northern part of the Catalan Coastal Ranges. The Gavarres are formed by fractured, low permeability crystalline rocks. Our main objective is to describe the behavior of this hydrogeological system using head and hydrochemical data. Furthermore, we seek to estimate the groundwater resources coming from the Gavarres their regularity and potential vulnerability, in order to define an appropriate monitoring and management model. To achieve this goals, hydrogeochemical modeling of the chemistry and isotope data will be conducted, with the aim of differenciating flow paths within the area and, therefore, the recharge areas and their discharge. Trace element and isotope data from geothermal springs are also of high interest for modeling purposes. In addition, multivariate statistical analysis will also be performed. Finally, we intend to evaluate the performance of this methods to investigate low permeability areas, as welll as to obtain a more detailed knowledge about the groundwater resources ths supply the central Costa Brava water demand.
Effective start/end date1/09/981/09/01


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