Aplicació de models de flux i geoquímics a l'estudi de la dinàmica hidrogeològica d'un aqüífer litoral

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Groundwater and geochemical models will be jointly used with the aim of identifying recharge areas in regional aquifers. In particular, we deal with the case of coastal, alluvial aquifers, intensively exploited during the summer time, the recharge of which depends on groundwater flow from the bordering geological formations, some of them being good aquifers. Our objectives consist of investigating and discussing the success of both models on identifying recharge areas and estimating fluxes, and developing a flow model for the studied aquifer. The area of application is the Baix Empordà alluvial aquifer (Girona). This aquifer has a well known hydrogeological problem, wich in turn has been also identified in other coastal aquifers along the Mediterranean costline. First of all, we will examine the regional geology to synthesize its complexity into a consistent hydrogeological model, as the
Effective start/end date1/07/951/07/98


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