Aplicació de l'enginyeria de proteïnes a l'anàlisi dels dominis estructural/funcional, mecanístic i al redisseny dels enzims \beta-gluconasa i \beta-glucosidasa

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We have previously isolated, characterized, cloned (and sequenced in the case of "beta"-glucanase) the corresponding genes.It has been predicted by computer analysis (homology + prediction + molecular dynamics) the existence of three structural/functional domains in "beta"-glucanase. Site-directed mutagenesis of key residues are in progress to corroborate the putative active site. Next, the binding site region will be determined. Newcoming mutants will be analyzed for thermostability and aggregation in order to redesign these properties in the future. For "beta"-glucosidase, upon finishing the sequenciation of the gene and as above described for "beta"-glucanase, predictive analyses and mutagenesis will be performed to investigate domains and thermostability. These enzyms are of commercial value. Due to the great interest of chemical synthesis of carbohydrates, reversion of the hydrolyti
Effective start/end date1/08/911/08/94


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