Analysis of the T cell response in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus: identification and characterization of target out

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    Study Objective: to establish a panel of islet specific T cell clones representative of the pathogenic T cells in insulin-dependent diabetes "mellitus" (IDDM) or type I diabetes. Design: identification, isolation, cloning and characterization of islet-especific T cells isolated from peripheral blood of patients with IDDM. Study of the T cell response. Subcellular localization, identification and characterization of the autoantigen/s recognised specifically by the T cells and search for new autoantigens. Methods: limiting dilution techniques will be used for T cell cloning and proliferation and cytotoxicity assays for the characterization of the clones isolated and of their specificity. Subcellular fractionation, electophoresis and transfer of proteins, production of fusion proteins from cDNA and DNA transfer to eucaryotic cells, combined to cell culture techniques will be applied to the
    Effective start/end date1/07/9331/05/95


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