Análisis del Territorio y desarrollo sostenible en las áreas de montaña

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The basic objective of the research project is the analysis of the transformation of the mountain area in the Catalan Central Pyrennes during the second half of the twentieth century. Both socio-economic aspects and the natural anthropic environment will be analysed. The underlying hypotesis is that it is feasible to apply the model of sustainable development in the mountain areas studied. The project can be subdivided into four main lines of research: a) an analysis of socio-economic variables in the region of the Cadí-Moixeró mountain range and its surrounding area; b) the analysis of the anthropic process in the natural environment of the area, paying special attention to land use; c) process in the methodological development of analytical techniques (sampling, mapping, remote sensing, G.I.S., etc.) and their applications to mountain areas; d) the design of a model for the management
Effective start/end date3/08/943/08/97


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