Análisis de los factores condicionantes de los procesos de iinserción social de los jóvenes acogidos en Centros Residenciales de Acción Educativa y propuesta de un modelo de intervención de calidad

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In Spain the residential care is a resource more used than foster care in families. Since 90's research of the intervention and efficacy of residential care has been claimed. Nevertheless this kind or research is still scarce. This study pretends to contribute to improve the attention of children and adolescents placed in this institutions. Specifically it focus on the key interventions and resources that increase the possibilities of an autonomous, positive and satisfactory life for this young people after leaving residences in Catalonia when they are 18 years old. Knowing these factors will help us to propose new models of intervention. So, in the study we will interview directors of residences and young people that leave these centres when they reach the age, we will use group discussion with a group of adolescents that live in residential homes, directors and specialist of the administration, and finally we will also implement observations in centres and interviews to educators that we think they can be good practice examples
Effective start/end date1/10/0731/12/10


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