Anàlisi teòrica i empírica d'alguns aspectes de la intervenciópública

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This research project intends to analyze particular issues on two areas. One is the area of theoretical aspects of public intervention. The specific questions to be addressed are fiscal policy in a dynamic setting (equivalence between consumption and wage income taxation; investment subsidies and capital accumulation; income and consumption as tax bases for social security; taxes, debt and neutrality), topics in the economics of disequilibrium (optimal choice of hours of work in an economy with unemployment; wage rigidity and optimal income taxation); single market and redistribution. The second area focuses on the evaluation of specific public projects and policies. Those are public R&D policy (empirical evidence of its determinants; effects on growth) and methodological questions on public projects appraisal (cost-benefit analysis in developing countries).
Effective start/end date31/05/9331/12/94


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