Anàlisi i Modelització del Paisatge a la Hispania Romana: cadastres i estructures rurals

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This research project is a sum of some complementary and interdisciplinary research stream lines which, in the end, converge altogether in the study of the landscape as a historical document. In general, these new research lines can also been considered a useful step towards the management and evaluation of the same present landscapes. The following working issues will certainly bring us a link from the past to the present: 1- Mechanismes used by Rome to set up ancient country populations from present Catalonia and Andalusia. 2- General forms of subjection given in the whole historical process, both among towns and people. 3- Consequences of these former processes into the final transformation of ancient landscapes: forest degradation, cadastration establishments, etc... 4- Further justification of these actions in our ancient and modern historiography. 5- Creation of data banks (GIS) which could be helpful as a new instrument for the preservation and management of present rural landscapes. In adition, these data bank will be the base to elaborate further intervention patterns. 6- Application of our new research methodology to the present National Park of the Isle of Cabrera, as a field work. 7- Finally, we intented to improve the formation skills of the whole group by the progressive implementation of new research techniques.
Effective start/end date1/10/971/10/00


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