Anàlisi dels paràmetres psicològics en els processos d'adaptació humana.

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    Recent studies in psychoneuroimmunology have discovered the relevanceof basic learning principles and psychological stress for explainingsome kind of responses of the immune system. Additional research byBandura and by Lazarus, for example, has demonstrated the importanceof coping strategies in the adaptation to stressful situations. Alongthese lines, the present research project has two objectives. Thefirst goal is to analyze the influence of stress and copingstrategies on immunological and psychophysiological variables. Thesecond goal is to assess stress and coping strategies in specifictarget populations. These objectives coincide with some of theproposals of the Concerted Action "Breakdown in Human Adaptation" ofthe scientific comitee of European Communities. The aim of thisConcerted Action is to gain a better understanding of the processesof human adaptation by means of establishing
    Effective start/end date1/01/901/01/92


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