Anàlisi del rendiment en la implantació d'una estratègia de test per MCMS amb substrat actiu.

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    MultiChip Modules (MCMs) are electronic circuits specially useful in microsystems implementation because of their reduced dimensions and power consumption, and to their high operational speed. However, the problems imposed by their testability reduce their applicability to microsystems in general. The project studies and applies boundary scan and Iddq design for test techniques (test methodologies actually used in the test of integrated circuits) to silicon MCMs with active substrates. The main objectives of the project are: - Creation of a basic test structure cell library for the test of deposition MCMs with active substrate. Though the cells are designed using the CMOS25 technology of the CNM, the results obtained could be applied to deposited substrates of other technologies. Design and fabrication of a microsystem demonstrator in a MCM. The demosntrator will validate the results obt
    Effective start/end date1/08/9631/07/97


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