Anàlisi d'economia pública: Economia del canvi tecnològic i economia de la salut

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This project consists in appying the microeconomic analysis to two aspects of Public Economics. The first referes to the Economics of Technological Change, and the second refers to Health Economics. The aim is to obtain normative conclusions thar are useful in the design of desirable technological and health policy. First, we attempt to study the optimal technological policy with respect to joint research projects and mergers,while at the same time analyzing the appropriate combination of institutional and administrative mechanisms in a technological policy. Second, we attempt to study the way in which the private and public provision of health services may coexist. As a particular case, we will analyze the MUFACE system in Spain. We also want to engage in the design of the best organization of each the health systems, as well as the demand-cost-sharing schemes and the incentive mechanisms directed to the service providers.
Effective start/end date1/10/981/10/00


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