Anàlisi de l'exclusió social en la ficció de la televisió de la Unió Europea i del Mediterrani Sud

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The purpose of this project is to analyse the way the fiction productions broadcasted by the televisions from the European Union and from Southern Mediterranean present alternatives to the social exclusion in terms of the narrative products they offer to their public. In this sense its is fundamental to determine the hierarchy of values related to the main characters that appear in these T.V. series. At the same time, by analysing the production and production processes, we will try to discern elements that reflect the situation of the T.V. industry in the context of our study, and we will also offer a comparative analysis-depending on the geographic areas- and we will contrast multinational productions with the local ones. Thanks to an ethnographic reading, this study will allow us to approach elements of identification, rejection or acceptation shown and expressed by the public (audience) involved in situations of social and cultural inequality
Effective start/end date1/12/021/12/05


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