Anàlisi de les estructures suprasegmentals del espanyol comparada amb el francès: contribució a la definició d'una tipologia prosódica.

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The prosodic components, - of stress, rhythm and intonation - can be considered paradoxically at the same time the most universal and the most language specific features. The results of current research that have been carried out in the field of prosody were intended to emphasise the ways in which intonation systems are similar rather than ways in which they differ. The aim of the research we propose, intends to be a contribution to fill in this gap by using a methodology able to give an account of a more accurate comparison of European language prosody. We therefore pretend to give a definition of parameters that would allow to base a prosodic typology of a language. We intend in particular to validate experimentally those parameters by perceptual criteria. And validate from experimental analysis a number of parameters which could be available to establish a prosodic typology. We preten
Effective start/end date1/07/951/07/98


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