Anàlisi de les estructures suprasegmentals de l'espanyol comparades amb el francès: contribució a la definició d'una tipologia prosòdica

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Prosodic components -stress, rhythm and intonation- can be considered paradoxically at the same time the most universal and the most specific language features. Current research on prosody has intended to emphasize ways in which intonation systems are similar rather differing. We propose to contribute to fill out this gap by using a methodology for a more accurate comparison of European language prosody, and more especifically Romance language prosody. So we pretend to define and validate, from experimental analysis, a number of parameters to establish a prosodic typology. The present project intends to identify and systematize Spanish accentual, rhythmical and intonational characteristics and to compare them to French prosodical characteristics. Then, this research should create an inventory of specific prosodical features and especially of Spanish language, with possible applications t
Effective start/end date15/06/9215/06/95


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