Anàlisi de la inducció d'inestabilitat genòmica hereditària

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This project proposes a study about the induced genomic instability that is transmited to theprogeny. The first aim is to find out if the induced damage in the germiine, after therapeutic exposure to \super 131\nosuper I, leads to a process of genomic instability in the progeny of human families whereone of the parents was treated. The second objective is to identify which genotoxic agents could induce heritable genomic instability, as well as which factors related to DNA metabolism modulate the instability process. This study will be carried out by using Drosophila to control all the experimental factors. To achieve these objectives analysis of minisatellites, microsatellites and AP-PCR will be carried out.
Effective start/end date14/11/0014/11/03


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