Anàlisi conceptual i històrica de les nocions de veritat i significat. 1a fase: semàntica filosòfica: veritat i significat en la filosofia analítica contemporània

  • Terricabras Nogueras, Josep Maria (Principal Investigator)

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The definition of truth for A. Tarski's formal languages and its application in a meaning theory for the natural language (D. Davidson) have greatly contributed to the conceptual clarification of the notions of TRUTH and MEANING, the importance of which as an object of reflection throughout the occidental philosophical tradition will be idle to explain. In this work, we propose a study of the most outstanding analyses of truth and meaning, as well as their interconnections, offered along the occidental philosophical tradition, in connection to their contemporary developments. In this sense, the research team will spend the three years of the project's first phase to the study of truth and meaning theories offered by some contemporary philosophers, specially these ones belonging to the analitical tradition.
Effective start/end date1/01/9231/12/95


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