Anàlisi complex en una i vàries variables.

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We propose four lines of research in the theory of complex analytic function. Three of them are related to the ones considered in the last project and the foruth one has not been previously considered in our grup. 1. Exceptional sets. The problem consists in extending Makarov's results on the size of the exceptional sets of holomorphic functions, to the case of systems of conjugate harmonic functions. We also will continue the study of sets of small oscillation in conformal mappings. 2. The H infinit algebra. We will study Rubel's problem and others related with zeros, interpolation and ideal structure in algebras of funcions of one complex variable, mainly the algebra of bounded holomorphic function in the disc. 3. Spaces of holomorphic and M-harmonic functions with some regularity on the boundary. We will study theorems on traces and Sobolev's imbeddings on Hardy-Sobolev spaces of seve
Effective start/end date11/09/9611/09/99


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