Anàlisi comparada de l'argumentació en espanyol, en català i en francès. Aplicació a la traducció i a l'ensenyament/aprenentatge de les llengües

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Following the studies carried out in the CNRS in Paris and in the University of Lyon II about integrated pragmatics, and the studies about conversation and argumentation analysis carried out in the universities of Geneva and Neuchâtel, and with a methodology based partly on the model UNITYP developed in the University of Köln, this new group intends to carry out a comparative study of argumentation in Spanish, Catalan and French in the general framework of discourse analysis. The members of this new group have been in touch professionally with the research teams mentioned above. The main aim of this project is to fill a gap that exists in most theoretical models of description of languages, which have undervalued and even ignored issues as important as the pragmatic aspect of discourse. In addition to the fundamental contribution of a research project of this kind to a field still little
Effective start/end date15/06/9215/06/95


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