Anàlisi biotecnològica de carboxipeptidases i dels seus inhibidors autòlegs i heteròlegs (II)

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The project intends the development and implementation of fast and efficient methodologies for the production and separation-purification of recombinant proteins, and for their deep characterization. Particular emphasis will be made on the use of advanced computerized procedures for the simulation and selection of mutations in recombinant proteins. With this aim, two proteins of high industrial interest have been selected as models: carboxypeptidases and their proteic inhibitors. Other goals will be the unveiling of the structural determinants responsible at the molecular level of the inhibition of these enzymes, the development of small proteic (or mixed) inhibitors of potential industrial use, and the assay of the biological action "in vitro" and "in vivo". In parallel, we shall study the design and experimental trial of a methodology to diagnose pancreatic pathologies (mainly pancreat
Effective start/end date3/06/923/06/95


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