Ampliación de la BD léxica y el corpus sintáctico-semántico de semántica oracional del español SenSem

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The main objective of this projectis to enlarge the corpus of sentential semantics and the lexical database created in the project "Creación de una base de datos semántica oracional y un entorno de consulta y gestión" (BFF2003-06456). The enlargement of this resources is essential for improving the description of the interface between semantic and syntax, our principal object of study and interest. With this project, we aim to continue creating resources that promote the use of Spanish in the age of the Information Society. Our intention is to include new linguistic registers, more precisely the literary register, in irder to accommotade a more creative use of verb senses. This use is to take into accoun both lexical and sentential (constructions) considerations, and we believe it will allow us to improve the degree of referentiality of both the corpus and the lexical database. An additional value afforded by the project is the detailed level of linguistic analysis we are eqipped to carry out, specially with regard to sentence aspectuality, since currently there are no resources for Spanish that includes this type of information. As part of the methology, we anticipate the automation of some processes, with the requisite establishment and application of pertinent quality controls. We belive that achieving a certain degree of automation of the process is important since our own experience has shown that manual tagging in corpus annotation is an arduous task. In summary, we are confident that the improvements detailed in the present proposal -enrichment of the linguistic register and , finally, of the annotated linguistic information - will produce versatile resource that reflects highly varied linguistic information for the Spanish language.
Effective start/end date1/10/0730/03/11


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