Amines biocenes en peixos: significació toxicológica i tecnológica-microorganismes realacionats amb la seva biogènesi i evolució

  • Mora Ventura, M. Teresa (Principal Investigator)
  • Rodriguez Jerez, Jose Juan (Investigator)
  • Barcina Angulo, Yolanda (Investigator)
  • López Sabater, Emilio Ignacio (Investigator)

    Project Details


    In the current investigation project, we try to study essentially, the \ul Amine Formation in Fish\ul0 , seeing the relation between increasing total microbial counts and rising amine levels in fish and fishery products. We're going to study bacterial evolution and amine formation during manufacture, storage and commercialitzation of Spanish canned fish from the \i Families Scombridae and Clupeidae\i0 . Also, we'll investigate if amines in canned fish are relationated to spoiled fish, or they are consequence to bacteria growth as evidence for inadequate post-harvest handling (since the fish has been caught off to the end of elaboration process)
    Effective start/end date1/04/8931/03/90


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