Amines biògenes en el peix: significació toxicològica i tecnològica, microorganismes relacionats amb la seva biogènesi i evolució

  • Mora Ventura, M. Teresa (Principal Investigator)

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    a) Discover the relationship between the degree of microbial alteration in fresh fish and its content in biogenetic amines; b) Trace the evolution of biogenetic amines and of microbial flora during the preparation and the commercial life of semi-preserved L'Escala anchovies; c) study the relationship between the content of biogenetic amines, state of the raw material and the preparations conditions of preserved tuna fish; d) study the capacity to form biogenetic amines of different micro-organisms related to alteration in fish.
    Effective start/end date10/11/8910/11/92

    Collaborative partners

    • Sense entitat (lead)


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