Alteracions estructurals i expressió d'oncògens de tumors mamaris experimentals, efectes del carcinogen i/o d'una dieta hiperlipídica

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    Breast cancer is the most frequent cancer in women. It has two main characteristics: a) growth regulation through different factors (hormones, growth factors and oncogenes), and b) influence of dietary lipids on its growth. In a previous work, our group described the stimulatory influence of dietary polyunsaturated lipids on experimental mammary cancer and the changes induced by these lipids in plasmatic hormonal levels, tumoural steroid receptors and fatty acids content. The aims of the present project are to determine the possible alterations (amplifications, etc) in the tumoural oncogenes c-Ha-ras, c-myc and c-fos, and the changes in their expression as a consequence either of the experimental carcinogen (DMBA) and/or a polyunsaturated hyperlipidic diet. Such objectives are supported by two complementary facts: a) the hypothesis that an increase in the oncogenes expression might be in
    Effective start/end date11/06/9211/06/95


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