Alta pressió isostàtica aplicada a productes avícoles: Optimització de les propietats funcionals mitjançant la formulació i el procés

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Several poultry raw materials (chicken meat and liver and eggs), with other ingredients and additives (hydrocolloids and preservatives), will be used to prepare four products with different characteristics (gelled or emulsified): two containing egg products, one containing meat and one containing liver. In the preliminary phase, the best combination of formulation, manufacture stages and conditions (pressure, time and temperature) of high isostatic pressure (HIP) treatment to obtain high quality products. In the development phase, the four suitable combinations will be applied. The products will be analysed 24 h after treatment and at various points of the different storages assayed (at -18, 4 and 12 °C). Physicochemical (proximate composition, a\sub w\nosub , microstructure, functional properties, rheology and colorimetry) and microbiological (pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms) analysis will be carried out. Protein fraction will be in-depth investigated, through electrophoresis, gel permeation cromatography and calorimetry. The effect of culinary treatment (cooking with conventional and microwave oven) will be evaluated by means of sensory analysis. Finally, behaviour of the packages used for HIP treatment and storage of the products will also be analysed. All these tests will make possible to determine the suitable formulation and process to optimise functional properties of the four poultry products manufactured.
Effective start/end date28/12/0028/12/03


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