Administración civil y militar del Estado liberal en la Cataluña del siglo XIX

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This project is a part of a research that began in 1994 and actually studies the socio-political nature and the proceedings of the Liberal State in XIXth century Catalonia, by examining all its institutions. Our methods has involved locate the documental resources and to built a data base, that nowadays includes more than two hundred registers. The research have surpassed the original predictions, not only about the amount of information, but about the resources themselves. On this matter, we want to remark that recently the militar government of the province of Barcelona has given to us permission for working in its archives. The project pursuits a terminological survey of the vocabulary found during the field study. After this, we shall make a specialized thesaurus that could help the historians in the future researchs about the last century in Catalonia. Latery, we wish the resulting data base were accessible through internet, to all the scientifical community.
Effective start/end date21/12/9721/12/00


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