Administració de Justícia i Estat Autonòmic

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The present project is framed within the work of a research group that has focused its previous studies on the political descentralization both in Spain and in foreign countries. Taking profit of it, now turns its primarily attention to the legal problems that arise from the adaptation of the administrtion of justice within the Autonomic State. The project adopts, as a condition, the unity of the judicial power in Spain. This alleged unity, however, has to be compatible, not only with the self-government principle of the Autonomous communities-for wchich analysis would be of enormous benefit the study of the federal and regional State systems (i.e. United States, Germany and Italy)-, but also with the need that justice shall become a public servicethat guardians, effectively and efficiently, the rights and liberties of the people. From this starting point, the judicial adaptation to descentralitzation will be studied from four main areas: a) the organization and government of the Judicial branch;b) the exercise of jurisdiction by the Courts; c) the administration by the judicial branch of its own goods and staff; and d) the influence of descentralization on the justices and judges status. The legal analysis of each one of these research areas will be followed by reform proposals coherent with the conditions set for this project and also attempts to guarantee an effective and non-conflicting adaptation
Effective start/end date28/12/0127/12/04


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