Activitat manipulativa infantil, interacció comunicativa i emergència de símbol. Estudi comparat de nens normals i amb trastorns de desenvolupament

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    One kind of language backwardness is of a cognitive nature, which can ascribe to deficiency in the ability to symbolise. Research into the emergency of the symbol and its prerequisites has hitherto followed the path laid by Piaget. This perspective, however, does not consider the intermental dimension that characterises the social use and, more specifically, the acquisition of the symbol. It is in this context that the need arises to study child-adult communicative interactions. Our research project sets out to delve more deeply into the beginnings of the symbolic function, going beyond Piaget's framework, that is, incorporating those exchanges (Bruner's joint activity formats) produced as from the age of nine or ten months (Trevarthen's phase of secondary intersubjectivity). We intend to find a place within the theoretical framework of the symbol for its motivational and cooperative dim
    Effective start/end date13/07/8913/07/92


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