Aclimatación y difusión de plantas en el al-Andalus

  • Kirchner Granell, Helena (Principal Investigator)
  • Sitjes Vilaró, Eugènia (Scholar)
  • Retamero Serralvo, Félix (Researcher on contract)
  • Virgili Colet, Antoni (Researcher on contract)
  • Barceló Perelló, Miquel (Investigator)
  • Roure Nolla, Joan (Investigator)
  • Durand, Aline (Investigator)
  • Eiroa Rodríguez, Jose Alejandro (Investigator)
  • Euba Rementeria, Itxasu (Investigator)
  • Martín Jones, David (Investigator)

Project Details


This research Project will ne mainly focussed on the identification of the archaeological traces of the cultivars acclimated and diffused in al-Andalus between the 7TH and the 11th centuries. Some settleents from which written evidence on these cultivars during the Andalusi period is available will be studied. These settlements are located in the south, in the east of the Iberian Peninsula, as well as in the Balearic Islands.To start with, some of the Andalusi centres where the earliest acclimatization of new plants and the deployment of new techniques are attested will be considered: Casarabonela, Archidona and Chauchillas, in the present province of Málaga. Moreover, different settlements dating from later periods will be also studied. These cases will permit to identify the patterns of the diffusion of plants and techniques through the southern and eastern parts of al-Andalus: madina IIbira, in Granada; the Gallinera valley, in Alacant, the huerta of Tortosa, Ricote, Blanca y Tirieza (murcia) and their iirigated spaces as well as some agrariean areas of the Balearic Island dating from the Andalusi period, from the 10th centrury onwrds (the huerta of madina Yabisa, the orchards of al-musrif of Mahon and Algendar, in Minorca, and the valley of Coanegra and the olive-tree area of Beniatzar in Mallorca). The main aims of this research on the above mentioned settlements will be to identifity the set of plans linked to the documented cultivars, to precise the chronology, as well as to describe and to explain the technicalsolutions applied for the cultivation of these plants: the location and the size of the agrarian areas, the possible use of hydraulic devises, the tool-systmes, and the calendars of the agricultural works linked to the identified plants. In addition, the selection of the above mentioned settlements will permit to cover a chronological span limited by the earliest agricultural experimentations in al-Andalus of the 7th century, and the called "
Effective start/end date1/10/0730/09/10


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