A new 3D measurement technology for fast inspection of large slightly unflat surfaces - 3D DEFLECTOMETRY

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3D deflectometry is a project that will develop a new 3D measurement technology for fast inspection of large flat and slightly curved surfaces. The project responds to the needs of the EU citizen for new and advanced consumer equipment. In large flat TV screens, CD players, mobile telephones, Lap top computers, equipment parts are introduced with tighter tolerances and advanced manufacturing processes in order to offer more performances at a constant or even dropping price. In order to stay competitive in these markets advanced measuring equipment for quality control and yield improvement is essential. 3D deflectometry addresses the problem of measuring l arge flat surfaces in 3D. These flat surfaces are needed at the wafer industry, LCD glass, optical components industry, DVD and DVD-mastering industry.
Effective start/end date1/09/0131/08/04

Collaborative partners

  • Ecole Centrale de Lyon
  • Philips Electronics Nederland B.V
  • Plan-Optik Gmbh (PLANOPT)
  • TRIOPTICS France Sarl
  • Bundesrepublik Deutschaland (PTB) (lead)


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