A cost-shared concerted action on malaria and anaemia control in pregnant women ( PREMA-EU)

  • Muela Ribera, Juan (Principal Investigator)

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Malaria is the most important preventable cause of low birth weight in the world and this is closely linked with child survival . Since 1964, about 300 papers reporting, directly or indirectly, on malaria control measures during pregnancy have been published. However, it is not clear how results available from research projects on management of malaria during pregnancy could be translated in public health interventions. We intend to encourage the implementation of research findings into malaria control programmes and propose solutions for their delivery in order to make services more accessible to women. This will be done by reviewing available information and addressing specific technical issues. Enlarged annual meetings and in-country meetings will assure the link between published research findings and their application as control interventions.
Effective start/end date1/10/0531/12/05

Collaborative partners

  • Prince Leopold Institute of Tropical Medicine (lead)


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