16-19. Transicions dels joves després de l'escola obligatòria

Project Details


The aim of this research project is to continue with the work of "research group education and work" in three fields. Firstly, the evolution of mass schooling and its effects in the strategies of individuals, families, state agencies and the effects of increasing diplomas in the labour market. Secondly, the relationship between academic and vocational tracks in secondary education, the links connecting or disrupting both of them and the changes promoted by students choices. And lastly, the itineraries of drop outs, students who don't finish compulsory education, their opportunities to have access to youth schemes or to return to the educational system, or their direct access to the labour market. In fact, the aim is to analyse the changes and the challenges of the educational system and individuals in secondary school. The project will become operative trough three aims: a) Building flows of students between compulsory school and secondary school, academic or vocational track, in and out of the educational system. b) Analysing choices and making decision process in young people, and the answer of the educational system in the different social and territorial contexts (inside Spain and outside). c) Analysing social inequalities in the choices of young people with special emphasis on the ones who drop out.
Effective start/end date20/11/0319/11/06