Statio. Interdisciplinary Research group in Art History, Music and Liturgy

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Organisation profile

Our main objective is to approach, from an interdisciplinary perspective, the relationships between art history, liturgy, music and documentary sources of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Our interest is based on the need to reinterpret our artistic heritage through the study of its uses and functions. In this sense, the buildings that we conserve today and on which we can work are profoundly altered by the aesthetic taste, the modification of their functions and restoration interventions. On the other hand, the medieval architecture was a space in constant change, due to the liturgical use and its needs to transform the scene of celebration between festivity and festivity. Finally, working from a liturgical perspective requires a deep knowledge of the rite and its history, in line with the work on documentation that, at times, is as misleading as it is not precise. Thus, our research focuses on the study of the building or artistic work in the context of its celebrative use, approaching a cultural history or art and music. In addition to the implementation of this methodological model, our objective is to apply to be recognized as SGR by the Generalitat de Catalunya, as well as to participate in public calls for research projects.


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