Research group on 'GLOBAL security, technology and INTErnational Law' (GLOBAL INTEL)

Organisation profile

Organisation profile

This group aims at producing specialised and novel knowledge in the field of EU and
international law, with a focus on global technological and security challenges.
The development of new technologies brings advantages and global challenges in areas such as
migration, state surveillance, political elections, trafficking and smuggling of migrants and
illegal goods, human rights and environmental protection. Global, regional and local legal
systems are urged to adapt to the dual-use of new technologies, taking benefit from them to
address global issues and tackling their misuse. GLOBAL INTEL seeks to combine the
interdisciplinary backgrounds of its members in the fields of EU law, international law, policy
and technology. Members of the group have extensive expertise on topics such as surveillance
law, migration & border control, the enforcement of human rights, privacy & data protection,
human security, sustainable development, environmental and global justice & international law.

Research lines

  • Research lines:
  • Human rights
  • Data protection
  • security
  • International law
  • Climate change and sustainability


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