Measurement of hadron and lepton pair production from e+ e- annihilation at center-of-mass energies of 130-GeV and 136-GeV



CERN-LEP. Study of cross section and asymmetries for hadron and lepton pairproduction in e+ e- interactions at centre-of-mass energires 130 and 136 GeV. D ata are also given for events with & gt;90% of energy in the final state (ie.excluding the radiative return to the Z0 state). Data come from the 1995 running and amount to an integrated luminosity of 5.7 pb-1. Data are divided into loose and tight SPRIME cuts, where SPRIME is the invariant mass of the final state particles, excluding the initial state radiation.
Date made available6 Nov 1996
  • Measurement of hadron and lepton-pair production from e+e- annihilation at centre-of-mass energies of 130 and 136 GeV

    Buskulic, D., de Bonis, I., Decamp, D., Ghez, P., Goy, C., Lees, J. P., Lucotte, A., Minard, M. N., Odier, P., Pietrzyk, B., Casado, M. P., Chmeissani, M., Crespo, J. M., Delfino, M., Efthymiopoulos, I., Fernandez, E., Fernandez-Bosman, M., Garrido, LI., Juste, A., Martinez, M., & 80 othersOrteu, S., Pacheco, A., Padilla, C., Pascual, A., Perlas, J. A., Riu, I., Sanchez, F., Teubert, F., Colaleo, A., Creanza, D., de Palma, M., Gelao, G., Girone, M., Iaselli, G., Maggi, G., Maggi, M., Marinelli, N., Nuzzo, S., Ranieri, A., Raso, G., Ruggieri, F., Selvaggi, G., Silvestris, L., Tempesta, P., Zito, G., Huang, X., Lin, J., Ouyang, Q., Wang, T., Xie, Y., Xu, R., Xue, S., Zhang, J., Zhang, L., Zhao, W., Alemany, R., Bazarko, A. O., Bright-Thomas, P., Cattaneo, M., Comas, P., Coyle, P., Drevermann, H., Forty, R. W., Frank, M., Hagelberg, R., Harvey, J., Janot, P., Jost, B., Kneringer, E., Knobloch, J., Lehraus, I., Lutters, G., Martin, E. B., Mato, P., Minten, A., Miquel, R., Mir, LI. M., Moneta, L., Oest, T., Pusztaszeri, J. F., Ranjard, F., Rensing, P., Rolandi, L., Schlatter, D., Schmelling, M., Schneider, O., Tejessy, W., Tomalin, I. R., Venturi, A., Wachsmuth, H., Wagner, A., Ajaltouni, Z., Barrès, A., Boyer, C., Falvard, A., Gay, P., Guicheney, C., Henrard, P., Jousset, J. & Michel, B., 20 Jun 1996, In: Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics. 378, 1-4, p. 373-384

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