Fig. 101 in Laboulbeniomycetes (Fungi, Ascomycota) of Denmark



Fig. 101 (next page). A. The contours of the small river Tryggevaelde Å near Varpelev can just accurately be seen here after the water has risen from heavy rain in the winter. The water body in the upper left part of the picture is a completely flooded meadow which has created a lot of flood debris along the shore, as seen in the lower right. From sifting this debris Compsomyces lestevae (on Lesteva sicula), Idiomyces peyritschii (on Deleaster dichrous), Misgomyces dyschirii (on Dyschirius globosus), Laboulbenia clivinalis (on Clivina fossor), L. corylophi (on Corylophus cassidoides), L. eubradycelli (on Trichocellus placidus), L. inflata. (on Acupalpus exiguus and A. flavicollis), L. lecoareri (on Trechoblemus micros), L. luxurians (on Bembidion varium), L. murmanica (on Bembidion biguttatum), L. notiophili (on Paradromius longiceps, Philorhizus melanocephalus and Ph. sigma), L. pedicellata (on Bembidion gilvipes, B. guttula and Dyschirius globosus), Corethromyces stilici (on Rugilus rufipes), Peyritschiella oxyteli (on Anotylus rugosus), Cantharomyces orientalis (on Carpelimus bilineatus, C. corticinus and C. elongatulus), Monoicomyces britannicus (on Atheta volans), M. crassicaulis (on Oxypoda elongatula), and M. homalotae (on Aloconota gregaria and Atheta graminicola) were found. (Photograph: Andrea Schomann). B. From sifting the moist moss and debris in and around the Carex paniculata tussocks in this sun-exposed spring near Serup Skov Symplectromyces vulgaris (on Quedius maurorufus), Ecteinomyces trichopterophilus (on Acrotrichis spp.), Laboulbenia eubradycelli (on Trichocellus placidus) and Peyritschiella oxyteli (on Anotylus rugifrons) were found. But it should first and foremost be the very exciting finding of Tanmaurkiella huggertii (on Pselaphus heisei) that accentuates the type locality of this very rare species found together with the above-mentioned species. (Photograph: Jan Pedersen).
Date made available26 Nov 2021

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