This data is published in the following article: Reboleira, A.S.P.S., Moritz, L., Santamaria, S. et al. Penetrative and non-penetrative interaction between Laboulbeniales fungi and their arthropod hosts. Sci Rep 11, 22170 (2021). µCT data and segmentation of Laboulbeniales on their host Scanning and reconstruction parameters can be found in the log-files. Specimens were transferred to 100% ethanol, stained for 24 hours in 3% Iodine-solution and washed subsequently with 100% ethanol. These specimens were then critical point dried (CPD) with a Leica EM CPD 300, mounted in a pipette tip for µCT. Rickia gigas: Rickia gigas Santam., Enghoff & Reboleira on Tropostreptus hamatus (Demange, 1977), a male millipede heavily infected on the legs, Udzungwa Mountains Natural Park, Sanje Chini camp, 598 m, 17-20.01.2014, Thomas Pape leg. SR-NYCT85: Arthrorhynchus nycteribiae (Peyr.) Thaxt. on Penicillidia conspicua Speiser, 1901, a male bat fly, infected on the dorsal part of the abdomen, 21.07.2018, Igrejinha de Soídos, Algarve, Portugal, L. Rodrigues & S. Reboleira leg. (ref. SR-Nyct85);
Date made available18 Aug 2021

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