We present data on the length and mass of Emiliania huxleyi, analyzed by using SYRACO (Systeme de Reconnaissance Automatique de Coccolithes), spanning the last 30 ky at Site ODP 1238 (1°52.310′S, 82°46.934′W; 2203 m; 2203 m) in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific. We also evaluated E. huxleyi calcification index dynamics based on the ratio between the coccolith mass measured with SYRACO and the predicted normalized mass based on Young and Ziveri, 2000.
Date made available15 May 2021
Geographical coverageLOCATION: South Pacific Ocean
Geospatial polygon-1.8718333333333, -82.782233333333, -1.8718333333333, -82.782233333333

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