In recent years, the interest in learning Chinese has surged globally. Concurrently, the Internet has been accumulating an abundance of resources for the teaching and learning of foreign languages, including Chinese. However, the great number and disparity of such materials, together with time constraints, make it difficult for users to fully benefit from them. In the case of students, moreover, they don't always possess the necessary tools to evaluate the quality of the resources. This project aims at creating a database of digital resources so as to offer a possible solution to the above-mentioned problem. This open access multilingual website not only includes a great number of resources, which have been thoroughly assessed by experts, but it also offers the possibility to apply different filters and select among a variety of tags, thus accommodating the needs of different users. Hence, users can search by resource type, resource language, language level, skills, keywords, and so on. In this way, the database can meet the needs of both learners and teachers and can be used in the classroom as well as for self-study. Additionally, users can also contribute to the project by rating the resources, by suggesting new ones or by submitting their opinion through this form. To sum it up, this website is a dynamic, on-going project, which is continuously and timely updated.
Date made available1 Dec 2021

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