Fig. 72. Dimeromyces oculatus Santam. sp. nov. A–B. Mature female thalli with labelling of secondary appendage (sa) and its basal cell (bc a) in A. C –E. Perithecial apex in detail, frontal view in C–D and side view in E; arrows point to septum separating the two distal wall cells. F. Lower area of a mature female thallus in detail focusing on certain cells, viz., primary appendage (pa), III, II', II", and I. G. Young male thallus. H–J. Male thalli at different focus levels, with primary appendage labelled in H. Scale bars: A–B = 50 µm; C–E = 10 µm; F–J = 20 µm. Photographs from slides ZMUC C-F-123800 (A–E) (isotype), ZMUC C-F-123799 (F–J) (holotype).
Date made available26 Nov 2021

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