Determination of the Number of Light Neutrino Species



CERN-LEP. First Z0 paper by the ALEPH Collaboration. Results are based on approximately 3000 hadron events. The Z0 mass is determined to be 91.174 +- 0.070 GeV and its width 2.68 +- 0.15 GeV. This implies the number of light neutrino species is 3.27 +- 0.30. The data were analyzed from two separate triggers. The first selection was with the TPC tracks and selected hadrons. The second selection by the calorimeters selected decays of Z& apos;s into TAU pairs as well as hadrons. The two methods agreed in their measurements of the Z0. Both are presented here.
Date made available23 Oct 1990
  • Determination of the number of light neutrino species

    DeCamp, D., Deschizeaux, B., Lees, J. P., Minard, M. N., Crespo, J. M., Delfino, M., Fernandez, E., Martinez, M., Miquel, R., Mir, M. L., Orteu, S., Pacheco, A., Perlas, J. A., Tubau, E., Catanesi, M. G., de Palma, M., Farilla, A., Iaselli, G., Maggi, G., Mastrogiacomo, A., & 80 othersNatali, S., Nuzzo, S., Ranieri, A., Raso, G., Romano, F., Ruggieri, F., Selvaggi, G., Silvestris, L., Tempesta, P., Zito, G., Chen, Y., Huang, D., Lin, J., Ruan, T., Wang, T., Wu, W., Xie, Y., Xu, D., Xu, R., Zhang, J., Zhao, W., Albrecht, H., Bird, F., Blucher, E., Charity, T., Drevermann, H., Garrido, L., Grab, C., Hagelberg, R., Haywood, S., Jost, B., Kasemann, M., Kellner, G., Knobloch, J., Lacourt, A., Lehraus, I., Lohse, T., Lüke, D., Marchioro, A., Mato, P., May, J., Mertens, V., Minten, A., Miotto, A., Palazzi, P., Pepe-Altarelli, M., Ranjard, F., Richstein, J., Roth, A., Rothberg, J., Rotscheidt, H., von Rüden, W., Schlatter, D., St.Denis, R., Takashima, M., Talby, M., Taureg, H., Tejessy, W., Wachsmuth, H., Wheeler, S., Wiedenmann, W., Witzeling, W., Wotschack, J., Ajaltouni, Z., Bardadin-Otwinowska, M., Falvard, A., Gay, P., Henrard, P., Jousset, J., Michel, B., Montret, J. C., Pallin, D., Perret, P., Prat, J., Proriol, J., Prulhière, F., Bertelsen, H., Hansen, F., Hansen, J. R. & Hansen, J. D., 16 Nov 1989, In: Physics Letters B. 231, 4, p. 519-529

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  • Determination of the Number of Light Neutrino Species

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