Dataset for “A Multilevel Magnetic Synapse Based on Voltage-Tuneable Magnetism by Nitrogen Ion Migration



This dataset contains the information on our recent work on multilevel magnetic synapses for neuromorphic applications and all the relevant data files. In the present work, we exploit voltage-driven nitrogen ion motion in transition metal nitride (CoFeN) thin films (i.e., nitrogen magneto-ionics) to emulate biological synapses. In the proposed device, we have realized distinct multilevel non-volatile magnetic states for analog computing and multi-state storage. Moreover, essential synaptic functionalities of the human brain have been successfully simulated. The device exhibits an excellent synapse with a remarkable retention time (∼ 6 months), high switching ratio and large endurance (∼103), for hardware implementation of NC. This research provides new insight into exploiting magneto-ionic-based synaptic devices for spin-based neuromorphic systems.
Date made available20 Jun 2023
PublisherCORA.Repositori de Dades de Recerca
Date of data production1 Aug 2022 - 15 Feb 2023

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