This study aims to report the implementation of the first nationwide pilot trial of balanced IWM in Europe, using a network of 11 pilot monitoring sites in Spain. The insights obtained in this pilot IWM trial will help to further develop a comprehensive IWM and serve as a reference for implementing IWM systems in other regions. For this purpose, a grid of 20 camera traps (Browning Strike Force HD ProX, Browning Arms Company®, Morgan, Utah, USA) was deployed for two months at each study site (n=11). REM was applied to wild boar (Sus scrofa), red deer (Cervus elaphus), and red fox (Vulpes vulpes) as the most frequently detected species. Relative abundance indexes, namely trapping rate and relative occupancy index, were calculated for the remaining, less frequently detected species. Files include the data necessary for the estimation of the population density by REM (DataREMZenodo.xlsx), data on indirect interactions recorded by camera traps at the pilot monitoring site level (DataIntZenodo.xlsx), and the metadata of the images (Metadata_imagesbyPP.xlsx).
Date made available18 Aug 2022

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