FIG. 3. — Plastral remains of Ptychogaster (Ptychogaster) sp. from Mokrá-Quarry localities: A-F, Pal. 1315 (hypoplastron); A, B, visceral; C, D, ventral; E, F, left lateral; G-L, Pal. 1316 (hypoplastron); G, H, visceral; I, J, ventral; K, L, right lateral; M-R, Pal. 1317 (hypoplastron); M, N, visceral; O, P, ventral; Q, R, right lateral; S-V, Pal. 1318 (xiphiplastron); S, T, visceral; U, V, ventral views; W, reconstruction of plastron. Thick lines indicate to scute sulci, dotted lines denote plate sutures, dashed lines denote completely ligamentous kinesis (between hypoplastra and peripherals and the hinge between hyoplastron and hypoplastron), and oblique lines indicate missing plate portions. Abbreviations: Ab, abdominal; An, anal; ent, entoplastron; epi, epiplastron; hyo, hyoplastron; hyp, hypoplastron; Fe, femoral; Gu, gular; Hu, humeral; Pe, pectoral; xi, xiphiplastron. Scale bars: 1 cm.
Date made available26 Oct 2021

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